Hello friends! I've been away for the last couple of weeks to visit my family in my hometown.  I came back with a suitcase full of goodies:
- a printed headscarf which is worn with the Galician traditional costume. I used to wear it when I was a little girl, for school festivals and so. Looks kind of Russian, doesn't it? (Omg, I hope I wasn't wearing the wrong costume...)
- a clarinet mouthpiece. Yes, I do have the rest of the clarinet at home. No, I can't play it (yet).
- an old holy Bible. No guns or whisky bottles inside. Just an old Bible for my reference library.
- wool and more wool for more projects to come. The three-colour stitch shown in the sample is my current knitting crush.
I'm glad they didn't check my luggage at the airport. Looks like a madwoman's suitcase :-)

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