Vintage, cheap, and sometimes free.

During the last three or four years I've became a regular visitor of flea markets and charity shops. Today I'll show you some things I've collected from these places and also from the streets. In case you don't know, every evening around rubbish collection time Barcelona becomes a big open air flea market. People leave all kinds of things in the street. If you are fast and lucky enough you might get little treasures for free.
So, in the picture above:
- a yarn winder (with one of my first handspun yarns on it!), from Els Encants flea market.
- a childrens book in German, about a rabbit family in Easter, found in the street in Freiburg. It makes me feel like a 2-year-old: can't read it, just marvel at the illustrations.
- an embroidery frame, from Els Encants, with a 70's (?) happy cloth from the charity L'Encant de Gracia.
- a super beautiful tin box, from Els Encants. The most popular cocoa powder brand in Spain (Cola Cao)    used to package their product in these decorative boxes. This one has a an advertisement in the botton for the Olimpic Games in Munich in 1972. 
- an embroidery pattern inside a needlecraft magazine from 1931 (from L'Encant de Gracia.)
- a (machine) woven tablecloth (also from L'Encant de Gracia.)
- a board game found in the street in Freiburg. No idea how to play.
- a tile from my mother's kitchen. The kitchen had all walls covered with these tiles since 1975 until last summer, when my mother outgrew her Flower Child phase (at 63) and renewed the whole kitchen. She got rid of the flowery mandalas and all the rest. The before and after of that kitchen is just shocking. I will never recover.
- a teapot bought in another charity shop (maybe from the 60's or 70's?)
- a record found in the street, which I picked because I liked the cover and, most important, I love Bedrich Smetana, great Czech composer. 
- several needlecraft magazines bought in L'Encant de Gracia. The oldest one is "Labores del Hogar", from 1931. Lots and lots of inspiration. I would like to frame every cover and some of the internal pages too. 
- the brown plate was found in the street in Barcelona (and then I found more pieces of the same set in a charitiy shop) but the other pieces are contemporary. The mug (absolutely gorgeous, isn't it?), the cabbage leaf and the rooster were bought in my latest trip to Portugal.
- This is also a contemporary thing, bought in a street market in Porto for 1 euro. Inside there are five super delicate paper-cuts of flowers which I'll frame one day.


Hello friends! I've been away for the last couple of weeks to visit my family in my hometown.  I came back with a suitcase full of goodies:
- a printed headscarf which is worn with the Galician traditional costume. I used to wear it when I was a little girl, for school festivals and so. Looks kind of Russian, doesn't it? (Omg, I hope I wasn't wearing the wrong costume...)
- a clarinet mouthpiece. Yes, I do have the rest of the clarinet at home. No, I can't play it (yet).
- an old holy Bible. No guns or whisky bottles inside. Just an old Bible for my reference library.
- wool and more wool for more projects to come. The three-colour stitch shown in the sample is my current knitting crush.
I'm glad they didn't check my luggage at the airport. Looks like a madwoman's suitcase :-)