Would you vote for me?

Don't worry, this is not a Laura For President post. It's just an invitation to go over to Facebook and vote for my design in Casarela's design competition. The design above is one of the finalists in the Japanese style section. This is the link. To vote just click 'Like' (if you like it, of course :-).
Voting is open until the 20th of November. On the 21st we will know the winners.
By the way, that same day we'll know Spain's new prime minister. Several million people will 'Like' a certain guy and he'll do the happy dance and then the conga with his deputies. Four years ahead to choose the country's bedlinen and there's no 'Unlike' button!


  1. you'll have got a like from fionn, i'm afraid of facebook,
    attempted to sign in today but wanted to leave after 3 seconds.

    i love your sicilain photos and this bedlinen would look perfect on the gilded bed, please please please say it's going to go into production .

    we're very happy with our new poet and warrior president michael d. hope you'll get someone just as good .

  2. If it wins it will go into production. That would be nice, on the gilded bed... something like Madame Butterfly meets Marie Antoinette :-)