Sneak peek on new weaving project

My graduation project is due in 3 months. 
It's about weaving with small looms and I'm having a lot of fun with it.
So, 3 months.... Only 3 months!!
 Dear Lord of the Warp and the Weft, why is time flying so fast??!


Trip to Valencia

Last week I went on a day trip to Valencia to attend the awards ceremony of Ateval's Textile Design Competition. I was given a diploma for this design, that was among the finalists. Before the ceremony we went for a walk and I was impressed with the nice (and huge) graffiti you can find in the city centre. I also loved the old market hall, with those beautiful patterned tiles and the parrot (or is it a cockatoo?) on top.


Tuscany patterns #1

In Italy

 This was is Siena. See the second picture? I would call that creature the 'Euromonster'. 
More travel pics coming!


In the Black Forest

Walk in the woods near Titisee, with brezel.


A vida portuguesa - Portuguese life

I think I've been to Porto four or five times, and I can say that it is a city I really love to visit. This time I discovered new places, shops, and I even got on an old tram.
One of the great shopping finds (thanks to Dudua's great advice) was A vida portuguesa, a beautiful shop selling a stunning selection of Portuguese homeware, stationery and gourmet foods.The premises are worth a visit in their own right, and once you are there it's difficult not to buy something. I came home with the typical cabbage leaf bowl and a couple of tea mugs. They were gorgeous and really affordable.



Hello! I'm back home after a very intense summer. I've been to many different places, visiting family and friends. It started in July with two weeks in my hometown and a weekend in Porto, a city I've already visited several times and I like it a lot. 
Then it was the time of Freiburg, Germany, for our friends' wedding. Freiburg is also among my favorite cities to visit.
And then, after a short pause in Barcelona we headed for Italy, to attend another wedding. (What's up with you, guys? Why all this wedding fever??). We spent a fantastic week in Tuscany.
I'll show you more of each journey in the next posts.