Occupation Day

Sometimes people take action. This old industrial site should have been converted into a public space (with a park, a library and a community centre) 35 years ago. But it seems that the council had other priorites, since nothing was done. So the neighbours decided that 35 years was a long enough wait and announced that they would occupate the site and start the works themselves.
The day before 'Occupation Day' they got a last minute concession from the council, allowing them to legally get into the site and use the buildings.


  1. oh laura,,this looks very exciting ....are you one of the neighbours.????.....i hope you are well and feel terrible that our communication has become limited to blogpost comments.....i will write very soon......lots happening here xxx elaine

  2. Hi Elaine! No, I live in a different neighbourhood, I just went there to see and take pictures. It looked very interesting. I'll be back some day to see how the work progresses.
    Lots happening? That's great! Tell me the news.