Bye bye school days

School days at Llotja are finished. Can't believe how fast these two years have gone! 
Did you know that Picasso and Gaudì attended this school too? (although not in the same building) (nor in the same century)
I wanted to take pictures of the wall art since my first day there but for some reason I neved did, until last week when I said goodbye.
Oh, but wait a minute... I am not really finished! My final project has to be completed and presented in the next 6 months. 
Haven't decided the topic yet, omg!! O.o


  1. Final de una etapa!!! Ahora a pensar en el proyecto. Si, realmente el tiempo pasa muy, muy rápido.

  2. your in very good company then,i would like to think
    that your name will be third on the very impressive roll call
    of past students....
    very interesting wall art......who are the artists?

    i'm dying to see what you come up with

  3. No idea who the artist are... Past students, maybe? There is a 2 year course of mosaic too.