Bye bye school days

School days at Llotja are finished. Can't believe how fast these two years have gone! 
Did you know that Picasso and Gaudì attended this school too? (although not in the same building) (nor in the same century)
I wanted to take pictures of the wall art since my first day there but for some reason I neved did, until last week when I said goodbye.
Oh, but wait a minute... I am not really finished! My final project has to be completed and presented in the next 6 months. 
Haven't decided the topic yet, omg!! O.o


The urban hammock

Who said people in the city don't relax?
(instructions to make your own coming soon!)


Rosepath cushion

A few months ago I learnt to weave rosepath motifs. This cushion is made with a sampler of different rosepath patterns I wove before embarking on a more concrete project (a table runner I'll show you some day...). In the back of the cushion there is a mini patchwork with Japanese fabrics from this gorgeous shop.


Sunday walk

The city never ceases to impress me with its colours and patterns.


3 + 3 = 7 (Screenprinting maths!)

Three screens that complement each other...
Three primary colours to play with superpositions...
Many versions of a flower bouquet with seven different colours in it.



Since the times of cave painting every wall seems to be good for a graffitti.
Are dogs the new mammoths?
The next picture was taken in a metro station. I love how several layers of posters have created this crazy collage over the years.


Occupation Day

Sometimes people take action. This old industrial site should have been converted into a public space (with a park, a library and a community centre) 35 years ago. But it seems that the council had other priorites, since nothing was done. So the neighbours decided that 35 years was a long enough wait and announced that they would occupate the site and start the works themselves.
The day before 'Occupation Day' they got a last minute concession from the council, allowing them to legally get into the site and use the buildings.