Cape tutorial for hermits

(another beautiful image from Motionless Journey: from a Hermitage in the Himalayas by Matthieu Ricard)

Cape tutorial for hermits
So let's say that you wake up from your meditation and you want to make a cape like the one I showed in this post. First you need to find the materials:
- some gummy silk (cocoon strippings)
- water
- an iron
- parchment paper
- newspaper
- some liquid paint (I used silk painting colours but watercolours or ink are ok too)
(warning: sourcing the materials could involve some human contact, unless the wolves are kind enough to lend you their iron for a couple of hours)
1. Place some silk strippings on a sheet of baking paper.
2. Spray water.
3. Place another sheet of baking paper on it an iron for 5 seconds.
4. Remove from baking paper.
5. Paint all your pieces (I used silk paint) and let them dry.
6. Using the pattern as a guide (my pattern was just a semicircle) place your pieces overlapping each other. Now, to attach every piece to the next one, moisten the overlapping section, cover with baking paper and gently iron over it. 
Follow the same steps to make the hood. (A pattern can be found here)
This is the proof that with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk cape.
Now put on your cape and go visit your hermit friends. Their vow of silence will be seriously challenged. 

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  1. beautifully taught easy even i could do that