Welcome the Spring with onions

A street in Gracia taken by onion eaters.
Eating dozens of roasted green onions (known as Calçotsis an essential initiation rite for Barcelona newcomers. Last weekend we took part in one of these massive street barbecues. Before we left, the Jury of Catalan Custom examined our empty plates and found us Well Integrated.
(...well, there wasn't such a jury but we emptied our plates: the food was really tasty!)


  1. Qué ricos los calçots!!! Unos amigos catalanes nos invitaron un año a comerlos a finales del invierno. Lo mejor de todo es la grasilla con la que terminas y las risas que pasamos.

  2. Jeje, si, es todo bastante guarrillo... Nosotros tambien lo pasamos muy bien y hacia un dia esplendido.

  3. well done on the well integration, i'd like to have done that test ,