Trendsetting in the Himalayas

The Himalayas, in a picture from this book, that really appeals to me.
And my newest textile art project, the hermit cape, inspired by it.

In my previous life as a hermit in the Himalayas I was a true trendsetter. 


  1. dearest laura, i do hope you don't go back to the himalays wearing that or otherwise we will never be able to find you....it is a perfect camoflague
    i love it and think it should be on the next catwalk ( vacancy at christian dior i believe) ....i hope you get to wear it in barca too.....though i image it might be too hot....no doubt it must be raining though.....
    i presume its felting .....would love to know more of its provenance ?
    still meaning to email .....still allergic to computer,.....clearing out my studio and mind at moment

  2. and ps. you look very lovley ....your short hair really suits you

  3. Thanks Elaine ;-)
    The cape is made of silk. I will tell more about the making of this project in another post.