Of projects and competitions

A couple of months ago I worked on a project for the International Competition of Textile Design organized by Ateval (an association of textile companies from Valencia, Spain). All projects had to be anonymous so I couldn't show it on the blog before, but now that we know the results I'd like to show you what I did.  
For this design I got the inspiration from the image above. It's a picture I took in the park next to my house during the big snowfall that collapsed Barcelona last winter. I liked the softness of the snow and the contrast between the white and the dark lines traced by the branches of the trees. 
After a period of research and experimentation with materials I came up with a solution I liked. Here I'll show the process:
1. Using black dyed tulle as the base, I randomly layered different threads on it. 
2. I covered the whole thing with water-soluble interlining and sewed several parallel lines over it (horizontally, vertically and diagonally).
3. Once the sewing was finished I washed the fabric to dissolve the interlining.
4. As a result the tulle had the threads securely attached onto it.
5. Then I cut out circles and stuffed them with white polyester fiber to make small balls. Some of the balls were filled with black wool to create a contrast. In the picture you can also see a smaller red and white variation I did before.
6. In the finished sample (16 x 16 cm) the balls have been sewn in regular rows. Alternating black balls allows to create a pattern if desired. This design has different applications. My first thought was to imagine it as a rug, but it could be applied to cushions or wall decorations.
In the next picture I'm holding the presentation board I sent to the competition. 

I'm happy to say that my design was among the finalists and will be exhibited in a textile fair held in September this year. One of my classmates was among the finalists too and he eventually won the first prize! Well done, Alex!! Here you can see his winning design.

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  1. really fantastic, love seeing the thought processes too and congratulations on having it exhibited...well done ....my friend dee has a very expensive black scarf/cape like this that's been made with black 'balls' like this it looks amazing....