On the beach

Last weekend, on a beach in the river Ebro delta we saw the most beautiful sunset.
I'll be posting more pictures of this marvelous place. 


The Smoking Paper Necklace

Hello, have you got smoking paper?
Can I have, like, 10 packs??
Hello, have you got smoking paper?
Extra large.
Oh, no, thanks, I really need extra large.
Hello, have you got smoking paper?
Oh, hmm, that's not the right colour.
I'm looking for a whiter white.

Hello, have you got smoking paper?
Let's see, hmm, I don't think that will hold the shape.
No, not the cigarette shape.
The smoking paper necklace is my latest school project. 
I had the most embarrassing interesting conversations with tobacco shop owners. 


These days I am Busy 
but also Happy 
because lots of projects are going on and I like them All.
I'll show you Soon.
I hope you are enjoying what you do Too!


Autumn in full colour

I went for a walk in the park and I loved the colour of the fruits in the second picture. It's a tree strawberry or madroño in Spanish (this is what my illustrated botany book told me). I realized that although I've always known the name of this tree, this is the first time I see one!