I'm a fan of Modernisme style (the Catalan version of Art Nouveau). These days I'm feeling inspired by geometrical roses, like the Macintosh ones or those in the first picture. I'll show you soon what I'm making with them. In the meantime, enjoy these Jugendstil tiles.


Feel the Autumn

I can feel the Autumn when I look at this picture.


Le voyage #6

Le voyage #6
More Collioure for your inspiration

Le voyage #5

Le voyage #5
Collioure is the place where Matisse and Derain started painting in a new way, inspired by the colours and the light of that little fishing village in the south of France.
The day I was there was dark and cloudy... but I love the colours anyway.


Le voyage #4

Le voyage #4
I loved this headboard in our hotel room in Collioure


Le voyage #3

Le voyage #3
This is Vivès, a tiny French village with a good restaurant


Le voyage #2

Le voyage #2
We wanted to assault the fortress... but it was raining too much. We went for an onion soup instead.


Le voyage #1

Le voyage #1
From my French trip last week. More pictures coming!


Two wycinanki or Polish folk paper-cuts, from the most popular flea market in Barcelona, Els Encants. (more about that here). The two of them for 10 euros, not bad, don't you think?


Weekend walks #4
And tomorrow... off to France!


Weekend walks #3


Weekend walks #2
Weekend walks #1


These are the tallest people in the city.