A door closes, a window opens.


  1. When I see the latest photo I begin to dream about rebuilding it whit a studio. What a beautiful, atmospheric building!

  2. Yes, that house would be an amazing place for a studio, but so far it's a complete wreck and I'm afraid the city council plans to take it down, as they did with many other nice houses in the area...

  3. i'm really enjoying your trip around where you live , i really like those people who just don't care too!

    i started doing some gilding today and thought of you a lot ....
    hope you are well and happy, i'm so busy i will write you a proper email when i get home from my holidays when i expect to do nothing at all whatsoever......heaven .

  4. Gilding! I haven't done any since last year... I'd love to see what you are gilding :-)... maybe the entire dining room?
    Enjoy your holidays a lot, you really deserve them!