How everything changes in front of your eyes

Spot the differences:
Too easy? Try the next:
Something is clearly missing...
Something green has been removed...
Need a hint? 
The lost bourgeois paradise has two palms less. 
The worried neighbours have been assured by notes attached to every door that all healthy trees are being taken to a nursery for the duration of the works of the extension of the park. After that they will be planted back in the park.
Other trees will be recycled. I hope the palms are in the first group. I wonder what the other trees will be recycled into, and most of all, how they convince them to get onto the garbage truck. 
So in a few months we'll have a bigger park. They are integrating an area of the hill that is currently a jungle of trees and ruins of turn of the century houses with graffiti. I really liked it and I hoped that they would keep some of them but so far the diggers and bulldozers leave no doubt of their intentions. Like a nostalgic Doña Elvira, the local chronicler, I take pictures before these things disappear.

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