Lost bourgeois paradise #1
We came to live in this neighborhood by chance. After several weeks of apartment hunting I was a bit desperate. Then I saw the ad. The apartment was the best looking I had seen in weeks, the price was surprisingly reasonable for Barcelona and it was close to the school and the public transport. When I came to view it, the person who had an appointment before me was late, so I went in first and booked it immediately. I had the chance to talk to the guy who was late and he was as desperate as myself and pulled his hair for not being there on time to get that nice apartment. I patted him on the shoulder and smiled at him compassionately... No, I didn't. Apartment hunting leaves no place for compassion.
I was new to Barcelona and my boyfriend was still living in Ireland, so none of us had a clue about the place we were going to live in. It looked calm, silent and green. It didn't look like Barcelona. 

(to be continued)


  1. You are too funny. I thought for a minute you were going to give up your new-found apartment!

  2. It seems all the surface decoration in barcelona , even the graffiti and cliff edges are just beautiful.
    one man's tardiness is another woman's triumph. Well done , looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Anita :-)
    I just said goodbye and walked away quickly, before he could get into his car and run me over.

    I always think of you when I go past the house in the first picture, because of the mosaic on the facade, I'm sure you'll love that house.

  4. Interesante ese barrio barcelonés. Y genial la historia de los cazadores de pisos.