I'll show you more of  the shibori techniques I experimented this year. I have to say that my way of doing it could be considered a very 'personal' version of this traditional technique...Well, it was a total improvisation freely inspired on what I saw in books and the internet. I guess that sweet old Japanese lady in this video would have a stroke if she saw my way of doing it. 
In the picture above you see the process of removing the stitches after the fabric is dyed. I tried the stitching techniques both by hand and sewing machine. To be honest the results weren't the best but I really enjoyed the process of pleating, making ruffles, stitching and incorporating three-dimensional objects. I was really tempted to not dyeing the fabric and leave it like that, as a kind of textile sculpture. (Note to myself: I have to keep exploring this in the future). So here it is a batch of pictures of that process.
The results, as I said, aren't very impressive. I can imagine the little Japanese granny rolling her eyes and shaking her head with disapproval :

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