Self-portrait as The Very Busy Weaver

I can't believe it, I've finished weaving this! Can't wait to take it out of the loom.

Wow, that's big... but not big enough (miscalculations, argggghhhhh!)
The project of the never ending blanket will continue...  


  1. it looks like you love your never ending blanket very much....how amazing to have woven your own blanket , you must be very pleased.
    ps i can't help you re blogger photos..??? i put everything on either flickr or photo bucket.

  2. Hi Laura! I saw that you had liked one of my photos on Flickr and followed you back to this space. I just finished a never ending blanket project, too! I don't know if you saw it in my photostream, but this is one of the images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brittanynoel/4572973213/.

    I love the subtle color shifts in your blanket. Happy to find a weaving friend :)