Let's take one of my mother's craft magazines from the 70s and imagine that it is my photo album:

1. In 1972 I met Mr. B, the blondest man in the world, and his wig charm made me fall in love. At the time he was a successful shampoo designer.

2. I knitted myself the nicest wedding dress (the one on the left). I was the envy of all unmarried sheep girls in the county.

3. This was our living room and every member of the family loved it, except for my mother-in-law. I tried spreading some cat hair here and there to make her feel at home, but she kept criticizing the absence of lace.
Anyway, the children loved it. The 'I spy a circle/square-guess which one' game kept them entertained for hours. 

4. Our children loved to play in the garden. One day little Julio got lost while playing hide and seek among the trees. We had to remove several meters of wallpaper before we found him. 

5. In 1981 I happily embroidered a pillow, but somehow I misplaced all the stitches. I also realized that in the meantime Mr B. had run off with a brunette. I was a desperate woman. Oh God, how could that happen to me?? 
I don't understand, I always follow the pattern very carefully!

(all images are my pictures of an issue of Labores del Hogar magazine, one of the many craft magazines my mother used to buy in the 70s, along with pattern books like the one mentioned here)


  1. laura, thats hilarious, mr b is a beauty, did he leave you because you could no longer fit into the wedding trouser/dress ? maybe he resented you being the one wearing the trousers, i suppose you've plenty of time on your hands now to play the circle/sqaure game yourself . good luck , and there's plenty more fish in the sea.

  2. That was one of the funniest things I've read - laugh out loud material. xx