Exploring contrasting textures. 
I had a good time making all those ruffles.
By the way, if you love ruffles check this post at How about orange blog.
The next pictures are part of a school project about synesthesia
I had to suggest taste and sound sensations through visual and tactile objects.

This is supposed to suggest low and high pitched sounds
And this represents a sweet and acid taste.
In the old times synesthetic effects were achieved by taking LSD. In the new era, we Flower (Loom) Children intoxicate ourselves with yarn leftovers.


  1. Cool new drug. And that high and low pitch sound representation is fabulous.

  2. love that ruffle hoop! I've seen it done with felt, but I think I like the raw texture better.

  3. love the ruffles, great link too, i'm planning
    an addition of same to a blouse that's got too
    small for me ( chocolate had nothing to do with it )
    your synestheia work is brillant , really evocative .