Isn't the beach the best place to be at dusk?

Today we're heading NORTH
(for the SOUTH of France)
Enjoy your weekend!


Busy days in the screen printing front. These are all works in progress, I'll show you more soon.


A few images from last weekend in Girona, a city I really loved. You can see some details of some of the installations of the festival Temps de Flors they celebrated last week.
My favorites are the first one and the second (which was made by my friend who is an art teacher and her students). The arches in the last one remind me the work of the Italian painter Giorgio De Chirico, whose paintings have always scared me.


Exploring contrasting textures. 
I had a good time making all those ruffles.
By the way, if you love ruffles check this post at How about orange blog.
The next pictures are part of a school project about synesthesia
I had to suggest taste and sound sensations through visual and tactile objects.

This is supposed to suggest low and high pitched sounds
And this represents a sweet and acid taste.
In the old times synesthetic effects were achieved by taking LSD. In the new era, we Flower (Loom) Children intoxicate ourselves with yarn leftovers.


A textile necklace, the sunlight through perforated paper and random shapes for a school project. I know the whole lot doesn't make sense for you but I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway :-)


I always wondered why my parents carry two folding chairs in the boot of their car. One day, I secretly followed them. As usual, the answer laid behind my mother's fan.

As they sat in their portable thrones I discovered myself as the heiress of an immense land.


Let's take one of my mother's craft magazines from the 70s and imagine that it is my photo album:

1. In 1972 I met Mr. B, the blondest man in the world, and his wig charm made me fall in love. At the time he was a successful shampoo designer.

2. I knitted myself the nicest wedding dress (the one on the left). I was the envy of all unmarried sheep girls in the county.

3. This was our living room and every member of the family loved it, except for my mother-in-law. I tried spreading some cat hair here and there to make her feel at home, but she kept criticizing the absence of lace.
Anyway, the children loved it. The 'I spy a circle/square-guess which one' game kept them entertained for hours. 

4. Our children loved to play in the garden. One day little Julio got lost while playing hide and seek among the trees. We had to remove several meters of wallpaper before we found him. 

5. In 1981 I happily embroidered a pillow, but somehow I misplaced all the stitches. I also realized that in the meantime Mr B. had run off with a brunette. I was a desperate woman. Oh God, how could that happen to me?? 
I don't understand, I always follow the pattern very carefully!

(all images are my pictures of an issue of Labores del Hogar magazine, one of the many craft magazines my mother used to buy in the 70s, along with pattern books like the one mentioned here)


Tourist in my hometown #1
I was visiting my family two weeks ago. The weather was beautiful and invited to walk around and look at things, like a tourist. 
I don't think I miss this place, just the people in it, but anyway it's nice to go back. 

Was your mom a Style Icon?


Alois Riegl: 'the Arabs make the relationship between the forms more important than the forms themselves'


Sunday walk in the outskirts of Barcelona


Self-portrait as The Very Busy Weaver

I can't believe it, I've finished weaving this! Can't wait to take it out of the loom.

Wow, that's big... but not big enough (miscalculations, argggghhhhh!)
The project of the never ending blanket will continue...  


It seems to be a problem with my picture storage limit on Blogger, so it might take a few days before I can post new pictures. In the meantime, I take the chance to organize all my digital photos. That is hard work, any advice?