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The funny man at the top is Bruno Munari, one of the greatest Italian artist and designers. Apart from his paintings, videos, sculptures, toys and all sorts of odd machines he left a great deal of texts about the subject of art and creativity, a must read for everyone interested in that field. Have a look here for an overview of his work, including his very experimental videos about the effects of light, colour and movement.
I own two of his books, both of them gifts from a friend, and they are between my favorites. One of them is Design as Art (Arte come mestiere in the original Italian version, a book I keep reading over and over as it is such a great source of inspiration) and the other is the one is Roses in the Salad (pictured above in its Italian version). 
Roses in the Salad is a collection of prints made with sections of  vegetables used as stamps. I used chards on a piece of cotton fabric: they actually turned into roses!

The following pictures are taken from the book: the first one uses onions and the second...daffodils (the flower cut close to its base, would you ever guess?) 

The process is simple, the results surprisingly beautiful, why don't you try it?

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  1. When i first saw the chard i was full sure they were ceramic door knobs/handles , they work fantastic as stamps....genius , and yes very beautiful .