Today I'll tell you about the troubled life of a sweater.
 I mean, a blanket.

Everything started in 2007 (?) when my boyfriend asked me to knit an exact copy of his favorite sweater (the dark one in the picture above). You know, I have this tendency to make him happy, so I bought a big ball of Aran wool completely unaware of the dark path I was taking...
After much guessing and knitting the sweater was practically finished and it looked good but things aren't always nice and easy in the life of a couple: the sleeves didn't fit well. 
The following formula will tell you the rest:

[Recalculating+ unraveling+knitting again] x 3 times 
                                  ______________________________________________________________________       =   DESPAIR
my patience

After taking some time to recover in the madhouse knit other things (hoping that in the meantime my boyfriend would forget about the sweater but he didn't) I hated having half a kilo of yarn in the shape of a sweater that would never be finished. So I faced the crisis and the selfish but honest knitter in me announced that the late sweater was turning into a crochet afghan. To keep the two of us warm during the hard Dublin winter.
Life went on, my boyfriend never asked again for knitted proofs of love, and last summer I moved to Barcelona with one kilo of Aran yarn in my bag (I had to buy more) that was slowly reincarnating into the afghan. By then it had already won the title of 'worst UFO ever' and the sight of it gave me the creeps. The back of the wardrobe was the place for it. 
Then one day, during the weaving class at school I had an enlightenment.
I decided to use the remaining yarn to weave a big piece that would be attached to the crochet pieces I already had, to make something like a multi-technique patchwork blanket. 
But the remaining yarn wasn't enough for the greedy monster that seemed impossible to satiate. Fortunately I could use some wool from the school. Working with wool in Barcelona in sunny May it's not the best idea, but after a lot of weaving and sweating I produce a double-width piece and I was ready to finish the project.
But the beginner weaver has to pay for her ambition: I miscalculated the size of this piece so I needed to weave another two extra pieces so the whole thing could be sewn together according to the human logic. And yes, I needed more yarn for this. I kept feeding the monster. 
Finally, it came the day(s) to put everything together. 

Now I know you expect the picture of the finished thing.
But there isn't.
The thing isn't finished.

Instead, I am finished:


  1. laura i laughed so hard at that, joe came in to find out why and he's laughing too...
    what ever happens now to that 'thing' will have been worth it .

  2. I hope you do finish your sweater/blanket one day...even if it takes over the entire world with its size!

  3. Thank you guys, you can be sure I'll win. I'm only waiting for the temperature to go below 30 degrees to resume the battle.